New Year’s Eve Wedding Downtown Halifax

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A New Year’s Eve wedding in downtown Halifax through the lens of a Halifax wedding photographer. It all started at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront, where the bridal party prepped for the big day. The love-filled day continued against the lively city backdrop, with a sweet ceremony and spirited reception at Pickford & Black. In this post, we’re diving into all the details that made this wedding day truly special and one to remember!

new year's eve wedding downtown halifax

First Look Outside of the Muir

We bravely ventured outside to begin portraits, starting with the first look shared by the bride and groom. The anticipation reached its peak outside the Muir in the Queen’s Marquee in downtown Halifax. M+K’s first look was a blend of excitement, nervousness and pure joy. The Queen’s Marquee provided an intimate setting, allowing the couple to savour this special moment before the festivities unfolded.

Common Reasons Why Couple’s Opt for First Look, as told by Halifax Wedding Photographer

M+K’s first look was the perfect opportunity for us to capture a few daytime bride and groom portraits! As your Halifax wedding photographer, I love maximizing opportunities to capture genuine and heartfelt moments. Let’s discuss the 3 most common reasons why couples opt for a first look.

  1. Emotional Connection: This private moment allows couples to express their genuine reactions and connect on a deeper level. As a result creates a lasting memory that sets the tone for the rest of the day!
  2. Time Efficiency: A practical choice for couples aiming to maximize their time on the wedding day. By seeing each other before the ceremony, they can efficiently capture important photographs, including couple portraits and bridal party shots. This enables a smoother transition between the ceremony and reception. Thus allowing for more time to enjoy the celebration with their guests.
  3. Reduced Pre-Ceremony Nerves: Opting for a first look provides an opportunity to ease nerves by sharing a quiet moment together. Above all, this reassurance can enhance your wedding day experience by providing a deep sense of comfort.

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Bridal Party Portraits at Queen’s Marquee, captured by Halifax Wedding Photographer

Following the first look, the chilly December air didn’t deter us as we seamlessly transitioned into capturing bridal party portraits. The entire bridal party showcased their resilience, braving the cold with smiles and laughter. Against the backdrop of the historic Queen’s Marquee, we skillfully captured a mix of editorial shots and candid moments. The winter chill added a touch of authenticity to the images, reflecting the genuine camaraderie among their closest friends. The result is a collection of photographs that highlight the unwavering spirit of this extraordinary bridal party!

Bridal Party Portraits at Historic Properties, Captured by Halifax Wedding Photographer

After that, the adventure continued as we ventured to the Historic Properties in downtown Halifax for more bridal party portraits. Embracing the rich heritage of the surroundings, we found ourselves the exclusive occupants of this charming historic site. We turned up the energy by playing music from my portable speaker. As your Halifax wedding photographer, I am always considering the little details that will positively contribute to your wedding day! The deserted streets and historic architecture became the canvas for their bridal party portraits. The mix of laughter, music, and historic charm transformed the portrait session into a lively and memorable experience. Proving that even in freezing temperatures, the right playlist can turn a chilly day into a warm and unforgettable celebration!

A Visit to Salt + Ash

The bridal party made their way back to the hotel to make final preparations for the upcoming ceremony. Meanwhile, M+K chose to savour a private moment at the Queen’s Marquee. We were then invited into Salt + Ash, a modern restaurant on the Halifax waterfront, to warm up. This restaurant offered a contemporary and chic backdrop for our impromptu portrait session. With a cocktail in hand, M+K shared an intimate moment before their ceremony. While they chatted, I captured their laughter and connection in the warm and inviting ambiance of Salt + Ash. It was a serene pause before the grand celebration. As a result, this quality time added an extra layer of romance to their New Year’s Eve wedding. As a Halifax wedding photographer, it was so beautiful to experience the wonderful hospitality of our city!

Ceremony at Pickford + Black

As we approached the much-anticipated moment, guests gathered inside Pickford & Black. Pickford & Black is a captivating waterfront restaurant in Halifax, and served as the backdrop for M+K’s short and sweet ceremony. The intimate setting exuded modern charm, with panoramic views of the waterfront enhancing the romance of the occasion. The design and decor, thoughtfully curated by One Day Affair, transformed the space into a vision of elegance. One Day Affair blended contemporary aesthetics with timeless elements. Against this stylish backdrop, M+K exchanged vows, creating a heartfelt ceremony that mirrored the sincerity of their love. The waterfront location added a touch of maritime magic! In other words, created a fitting setting for a celebration that unfolded on the cusp of a new year!

Reception at Pickford & Black

With the vows exchanged, the celebration seamlessly transitioned from the heartfelt ceremony to the lively reception at Pickford & Black. Guests were welcomed with glasses of champagne to toast to the newlyweds, creating an atmosphere of joy and anticipation. The ambiance was further elevated by an oyster bar and delectable appetizers.

new year's eve wedding downtown halifax

The couple and their bridal party stepped outside, adding a touch of magic to the night with sparklers in hand. Upon their return to the reception, the energy soared as M+K gracefully took the floor for their first dance. The room was filled with support as they danced together, surrounded by the warmth and cheers of their loved ones.

Following their sweet first dance, the evening transitioned into a lively reception. This is where the infectious energy of M+K’s closest friends and family took centre stage! Laughter and joy filled the air as the dance floor became a hub of celebration. The heartfelt toasts and laughter shared among guests was so beautiful to document. The enthusiasm of the guests mirrored the couple’s infectious happiness, making it a night to remember for all their guests. Overall, M+K’s wedding was a vibrant and unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration!

A New Year’s to Remember

In conclusion, capturing M+K’s love-filled day as their Halifax wedding photographer was an absolute joy. It was a big-smile, laugh-all-day, party-of-a-lifetime experience. From the intimate first look to the lively reception, every moment radiated warmth and love. The enchanting portraits, the waterfront ceremony, and the spirited celebration at Pickford & Black wove together seamlessly, creating a tapestry of memories that will last a lifetime. Being part of this extraordinary New Year’s Eve wedding was a privilege, and the laughter, love, and genuine moments shared by M+K and their loved ones made it a day that will forever hold a special place in my heart. Cheers to love, joy, and countless happily-ever-afters!

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The Vendors

Bar: @saltash.hfx
Design & decor: @onedayaffair
Hair: @novabrittneyhair
Make-up: @allisonkirbyy
Bridal boutique: @tiltedveileast
Designer: @laudaebride
Bridesmaids dresses: @showmeyourmumu

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