Nova Scotia Elopement Photographer

Beach Elopement, Captured by Nova Scotia Photographer

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October elopement captured by a Nova Scotia Elopement Photographer.

Picture this, it is a warm Tuesday afternoon in early October and you have the entire beach to yourself. And it also happens to be your elopement day.

Conrad’s Beach is one of my favourite beaches along the Eastern Shore in Nova Scotia. Not only is the landscape gorgeous, but it also offers so much variety for photography. Between the rolling dunes, pine trees, winding boardwalk and the long sandy beach there is no shortage of opportunity to capture gorgeous portraits.

Nova Scotia Elopement Photographer

I honestly could spend hours just in the tall grass alone. The abundance of texture mixed with muted greens and yellows photographs so effortlessly. I also love the way the light glistens, as it bounces off the high grass. 

Let’s take it back an hour to where our day started at their quaint a-frame style Airbnb, just 5 minutes down the road from Conrad’s Beach. 

Getting Ready in Lawrencetown Nova Scotia

When I arrived the bride was busy getting ready downstairs in the kitchen area, while the groom was getting ready in the bedroom loft upstairs. They were laughing and talking, while separated in their designated spaces. I thought it was so sweet how excited and nervous they were to see each other. 

Is there anything cuter than a couple hopped up on love and giddy with excitement on their wedding day?

If you are planning a wedding and are looking at options for a space to get ready in, the first thing you need to consider is light. Not only for photography, but for other elements of getting ready like hair and make-up. This particular location has an abundance of natural light and was the perfect space to capture getting ready photos.

The talented duo:

Hair : Jacquelyn Taylor, Updosbyjacquelyntaylor

Make-up: Selena Marchand, Selena Marchand-Makeup

The bride absolutely loved her hair and make-up and said Jacquelyn and Selena were like two fairy godmothers. 

The First Look, Nova Scotia Elopement Photographer

After the bride and groom were both ready, I took the groom outside of their Airbnb to get into position for their first look. 

A first look provides such an intimate opportunity to create beautifully candid portraits. 

After the first look we headed back inside to meet with the Justice of the Peace for document signing and to enjoy a light snack before going to the beach.

The bride and groom had a charcuterie board made by Lemonade General Store , located n the Hydrostone Market in Halifax. The stunning florals were purchased from Props Floral Design in Halifax. And their delicious custom cake was made by Lemon & Lavender Bake Shop.

Ceremony at Conrad’s Beach

It was officially time to zip up the boots and head down to Conrad’s Beach for the ceremony!

We share a brief drive together as we made our way to Conrad’s Beach for the ceremony.

We found a small space nestled in the trees that provided just enough shade. The ceremony was intimate and sweet. These two never took their eyes off of each other. 

Bride and Groom Portraits, Nova Scotia Elopement Photographer

Always make time for bridal portraits on your wedding day. Whether you have 2 hours of wedding photography coverage or 10+. Ask your photographer to pencil in these as a priority – you won’t regret it!

During our final wedding timeline consult, the bride let me know that they had never had professional photos taken before and they were, “very awkward in front of a camera”. This is something I often hear from my clients during a consult and is, undoubtedly, a concern for many. Trust me, I get it! Without guidance and direction, I feel equally uncertain and noticeably awkward in front of a camera. 

As your photographer, my goal is provide the space for you to feel comfortable so you are able to show up as your most authentic self. A space where you are able to lean into trust and fully sink into the moment. And from there, things just flow. Almost effortlessly. This is the magic I thrive for during every client interaction. 

Nova Scotia Elopement Photographer

My Photography Style, Nova Scotia Elopement Photographer

I would classify my style of wedding photography as a mix between editorial and photojournalistic. I focus on capturing natural looking portraits in the moment, but also love a dramatic shot. 

During our time together, I am directing and moving you into positions using prompts and guidance. I never want your images to feel stiff or overly posed. 

I love capturing details, and using these images to help recreate and tell the story of your wedding day.

Photojournalistic, or documentary style photography, is capturing the moment as it happens, without intervention. The emotions, hugs, tears, laughter. The beautiful, and often times, imperfect candid moments. There might be double chins but these images are going to pull you in and make you feel. 

Ultimately, I want you to remember every emotion felt on your wedding day.

Golden Hour Portraits

We headed to the beach to catch a bit of the golden sunshine. The boots got sandy, but it did not disappoint.

Celebrating with Champagne and Cake

We still had half an hour of coverage remaining, so we headed back to their Airbnb to celebrate with champagne and cake! 

My couple was so sweet they sent me home with nearly half of their wedding cake by Lemon & Lavender Bake Shop and it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever had.

There still wasn’t a cloud to be seen. We headed back outside to open the champagne, so I could capture this last moment shared before I had to leave. 

We had 3 hours together but it went by so quickly. I had the best afternoon celebrating this couple!

There are certain moments and characteristics I remember from each of my clients and their wedding day. One thing that will stay with me is the way her looked at her. Oh, and those sleeves. 

I was, and will forever be, completely sold on their love.

Congratulations again L&A, you insanely gorgeous, radiant beings.

“I reached out to Janelle to capture our elopement, and I was so thankful for her quick response. We are from the west coast in the US, so we weren’t sure about the exact location. Before the big day, she was so organized and professional. She went above and beyond to ensure everything would go smoothly once we arrived. We were very nervous about taking photos, but she was so relaxed and friendly that we immediately felt comfortable around her. The results are better than I could have ever imagined. It means so much to us that Janelle was able to capture the day in a way that makes our family feel as if they were present. So privileged to have had her as our photographer!

– L&A 

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, I would love to connect! After the inquiry form is submitted, I will reach out within 1-3 business days with my wedding packages and pricing. From there, we can arrange a zoom or phone consult to ensure I am the right fit to capture your wedding day!

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